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About Us



Rayeesa is passionate about sharing the love of her native Hyderabadi food with you. She learnt from the best, her mother, who was an amazing host. She was taught from a young age the basics of great cooking with many family secrets thrown in. Although born in the UK she spent her early years living with her nana in Hyderabad, India, and so forming a special fondness to the country, its people, and its food.

From Hyderabad to Hereford. Rayeesa an ex metropolitan police officer decided to make the big step of leaving her career and London to start a new life with her husband and three children in rural Herefordshire.

 “My husband and I made a decision to move from London from our very hectic lifestyles so that we could give our young family a better quality of life in the country. What happened next simply blew us away. We instantly connected into our new community through school and church. I found myself in my ‘happy place’ inviting friends, family and even strangers over for dinner. After all food is one of the greatest ways to build community. Indian food works perfectly for this as it is all about sharing amazing tastes, and stories over the table. My food journey has been totally unexpected, and a natural extension to my life. From teaching to cooking to helping others. My motto is to equip, inspire and release…”


Moving from London to Herefordshire and, leaving my policing career behind, was the catalyst that was needed to bring my Indian cooking passion to life.

I opened my cookery school in our farmhouse kitchen, as I realised that there was a real curiosity for experiencing real authentic Indian food. Indian food is the 2nd most popular global cuisine, and for good reason! The problem was that restaurant food did not always reflect this, so I wanted to bring REAL INDIAN FOOD into people’s homes.

One day as I was walking around my local supermarket looking for something quick, tasty, and healthy for the family, I realised that there was nothing available that gave TRULY FRESH, REAL INDIAN FLAVOURS, QUICK & EASY. So, I thought to myself ‘One day I’ll create a product that people can use to cook amazing curries at home.’ So, my Spiced journey began.

Be careful what you say, because a few years later I am doing just that, with my own range of Spiced by Rayeesa Frozen Curry Sauces and Curries. Helping you to create great tasting Indian food without compromise. Thank you for joining me on this journey.