Q: How will my order arrive frozen?

A: We carefully pack all your orders in insulated temperature controlled packagaing, with gel packs to keep your products frozen for up to 48 hrs. When you recieve them place immedietely in your freezer.

Q: Can I buy your products in my local shop?

A: We have a handful of amazing independent retailers who stock our products who are mainly in Herefordshire, however our main form of distribution is ONLINE. If you have any reccomendations of farmshops or butchers near you where you would like to see our products then drop us a line and we'll follow it up.

Q: How long do the products last?

A: Due to being frozen at the point of perfection, our products have a shelf life of up to 2 years from date of manufacture, to give you plenty of time to keep until you are ready to enjoy it.